Manager and Supervisor Development Programme


We were appointed to work with the management team to deliver a skills and behavioural development programme to reignite the passion in the centre and start to build the fundamental skills needed at front-line operational level to drive successful sales results.


By analysing what it’s like to live in the Sales Centre day to day we could start to explore some of the themes, as well as review what we would expect great leadership and management to look like. Getting buy-in was vital. Once the reason for change had been explored, we were then in a position to shape the solution that would deliver the journey from good to great, with all the stops along the way. People were starting from completely different individual points along that journey and so our solution needed to be flexible to fit all, not one size fits all.


  • Although the programme was specifically designed and delivered to thE management team and not the sales force, there was a positive bottom line impact directly attributable to the training received.

  • 13.2% actual conversion [against target of 12%].

  • Total bookings up 5%.

  • Revenue increase despite lower than forecast sales conversion opportunities.

  • Staff feedback and culture in the sales centre was vastly improved.

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